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i got a gym membership, something to kill time and stress after work since its open 24 hours and not many people are there after 9-10pm.

going on another ruck march up a mountain with my friend on friday, can't wait for that. probably be hungover too that day..and tired from lack of sleep...thirsty thursday is a killer lol.

@law snoll: yeah i thought she was the one, got engaged to her before going to OSUT (basic training and advanced individual training combined) she stayed with me the whole time through it, then i get back and 2 months later wants to break up. so i had to let her go. hoping to find another girl someday maybe one that's in the same unit as me or one that understands me better than she did. i was with her a year and a half, so i guess it's not that bad at least i didnt get married or have a kid with her. finding lots of ways to deal with the breakup depression i get every now and then, the best thing is for me to hang out with my old friends or the friend i made who is in my platoon.

what kind of vehicle do you roll around in? i think i remember you telling us before. we got bradleys and hmmvws i didnt get trained on them yet other than at osut, i like the bradley alot, easy as hell to drive but i hear that breaking track can be a killer.

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