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Rogue15, oh, right, i can understand you very well because of i had some kind of same situation when served in my conscription army service. When i was in field training camp, where life and training was really hard, i received the letter from my girlfriend who wrote me she doesn't awaits me anymore because of she find another guy. After i read the letter i was on edge of suicide, and more, i hit my sergeant in those day and bleed his nose. Thanks God, sergeant just beat me back very badly and then pulled everything about the letter from me, deciding to don't punish me officially. He understood me, in fact saving my life, because of i could easily be jailed for attacking of higher ranked soldier and my commander. The most incredible was in the fact it was actually letter not from my girlfriend, i learned it later when find a way to call home. The letter was from her friend, another girl, who was very against me going out with my girlfriend.

And, what do you mean about vehicles? You mean army? If yes, then... well, it depends on unit and place where these unit being dislocated. Infantry and other light units mostly uses wheeled combat vehicles like BTR-70, BTR-80(A) and BTR-90 (first two were designed yet in the Soviet Union, but has very high modernization resource), combat vehicles of some kind of US LAV-25 or Stryker. Light units also has their own analogue of HMMVW, multipurpose light armored utility vehicle, called GAZ-2330 (in some aspects better and in some aspects worse than HMMVW). And other wheeled combat vehicles, and various trucks, of cause. But in Siberia and in the Far East of Russia (and also in heavy units), where wild terrain mostly doesn't lets us to use wheeled vehicles widely we mostly prefer to use tracked vehicles. Closest analogue of M2 Bradley is Russian line of BMPs APC. I don't know is it right analogue or not, because of with approximately same level of armor and class of weapon of BMP-2 and M2, BMPs of all series are all can swim, while M2 cannot. Army uses BMP-1 (very old tracked APC that now being used mostly in training units), BMP-2 of various modifications (the most widespread tracked APC in ground units) and newer BMP-3 of various modifications (expensive toy that filled with electronics, too much deadly weapon and various exotic devices, not very loved in troops). Airborne units uses their own special light tracked air transportable APC platforms named BMD series (BMD-1, BMD-2 BMD-3 and other vehicles on their tracked platform like BTRD for example).

And, yes, about MTLB, those tracked vehicle that i told here about.

Separately from BMP and BMD tracked APCs there is another armored tracked swimming vehicle: MTLB. Once designed as heavy artillery prime mover, these vehicle soon become extremely popular in Russia not only in army.

Civilian modifications were released for use in swampy and other "anti-tank" terrain, like Taiga, arctic, ect. In Russia here civilian variant is being used by geologists, archeologists, mining services and many others. In my job at this spring i used this civilian modification (MTLB "Swamp Home" - my was white-yellow to better see from air, lol)

MTLB become tracked base for very large number of specific military and civilian special vehicles. Almost any complex of equipment can be established on it, from simple APC cannon tower (Arctic units prefer exactly MTLB-based APCs insterad of BMP), to very specific equipment like various radar and controls systems and SA complexes like this and this (perspective), MTLB can be platform for launching and operating of UAVs, engineering vehicle, medevac vehicle, howitzer, MLRS, minefield establishing platform and many others. Often MTLBs can be easily modified right in closest car service station due to module structure. In the Soviet Era hundreds of thousands of MTLBs were built (it's is still being manufactured and Russian army doesn't planning to retire it) and stored in army depots, so now we can buy it at cost of almost scrap metal, instead of it's enough just to maintain and refuel it, and then you can drive. You can leave these vehicle under open sky for decade, and nothing will happen to it: just refuel it, and go.

I think it would be truth if i would say MTLB is the best in the World multipurpose armored tracked chassis that was ever designed. Let's remember about US Marine corps that scavenged MTLBs that they could find for own use. Industry of the United States created nothing even close to it because of objective reason, so US army prefer to use exactly MTLBs, although questions of prestige doesn't lets the USA just to buy it for own army in Russia.

Cmdr. Cracken, yeah, i was amazed too. Never see such of combination of hot and rain here before. But, anyway, you know, as i said before Siberia is very large and in various parts of it here's climate is very different. While most of people outside of Siberia thinks we have here winter all year round, it's not like that. Harsh aspect of climate at part of Siberia where i use to live is in that we have very cold winter and very hot summer. As i said before, year amplitude of temperature can reach even 90C. Especially we have a lot of fun at spring when in April we can easily have +15C at day and then -15C at night... with rain and then snow. Just try to imagine what such of weather can do to concrete buildings and asphalt roads. Weather turns it into dust just in 2-3 years... and very aggressive flora, that hurry to live, there helps. But... that's the problem. People from another regions of the World often can't stay here to live, they always catch specific Siberian deceases that locals are evolutionarily completely or partially immune (like hard forms of pneumonia, encephalitis, siberian anthrax and other) and being demanded to leave the Siberia. So we here live like in some kind of "closed world", another dimension, surrounded by legends and rumors... that is often very useful, you know. One of the most famous examples was in end of 1941. Poor Hitler couldn't even imagine the Soviet Union has 30 million men army that can provide front-scaled operations at night, in -30C weather, with 1.5 meters of snow cover, cross swamps... on thousands of tanks. We have even some kind of joke here: "Siberia is the swamp. If you want to enter, then you have to pay ruble. If you want to exit, then pay thousand.".

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