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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post

Open World, worth re-visiting planets, non linear
Player Housing
Fun expanded Economy
Guild cities/ships
ability to Change Faction and Profession
Hybrid skill sets
Post-Player creation Customisation (Barber, plastic surgeon)
Non Combat Professions (Crafter, Entertainer, swoop racer, smuggler (actually smuggles)
Customisable Ships, more styles and types (ie; not same ship for each class)
Day/night, weather cycle
Completely rebuild sharding system.. in fact the whole engine is crap
Remove Companions, just add pets or droid familiars (Give a buff, help in combat when needed, but not a necessity)
Letting people have the damn names they want instead of having to change them cause you spread your servers too thin
Most of these I can agree with. Though I would add, Free flight space. I would keep companions, but add the option for animal or purchasable droid companion. That leaves it open for others who enjoy companions.

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