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I used to have a flirty hygienist, too. I never read much if anything into it though... because it seemed like she was just one of those women who was just naturally a little flirty in her interactions with men. I saw her act that way with the male doctors there and with other patients.

I've known a couple of girls like that... It's more or less just an insecurity thing that they do unconsciously to get favorable reactions from the males around them.

She was pretty cute though... And I'm also pretty sure I mentioned her one in one of these thread... many moons ago...

EDIT: Here...

My current hygienist isn't flirty... but she can be a bit carelessly physical when she's working intensely. More than once I have realized that her breasts were pretty much resting against my head as she was leaning over... or her inner thigh was pressing against my shoulder while I'm laying back in the chair.

Again... I read nothing into it... I'm pretty sure she just really concentrates on her work, and just doesn't realize which parts of her might be rubbing up against me.

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