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Got back from the worlds largest airshow. Had a Flying brick (AKA C-5 cargo jet) land. and I got a good video of a B-29 flying low and then followed by a large pyrotechnic "Wall of Fire". THe Saturday night airshow was spectacular. Even the boring T-6 aerobatic team was mezmerizing to watch with all the lights on and then the smoke trails being lit up.

One of the "acts" for the night airshow was a aerobatic plane glammed up with lights, then did a synchronized light show to the close encounters theme song. Followed by doing aerobatics choreographed to music and launching flares and fireworks from the plane.

It was also one of the last times I was going to be able to do some things with my dad. As he likes to bemoan he is now a homeless retired Vietnam veteran

Uh oh, what I have been waiting for finally happened. Skyrim is 50% off on Steam. There goes my life

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