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Star Wars: Illusive Ghosts

Prologue Uncensored (Strong language) version here: Deviantart

Alexijk looked around, bewildered. He tried to stand up, but discovered his wrists and legs were tied strapped to the chair he sat on. He tried to break free of his restraints but expierenced a excruciating pain as a needle penetrated the flesh of his arm. A droid stood near something that looked like a console, activating the lights above the chair. Alexijk tried to cover his eyes with his hands, when he was reminded by the needle that they were restrained. He closed his eyes to lower the effects of the extremely bright light.

''Relax, Alexijk.'' Said a deep and low voice. Alexijk opened his eyes and tried to avoid the bright light to see the man the voice belonged to. He couldn't see anyone but the droid.

''We just want some answers.'' The voice continued.

**** Alexijk thought. Imperial Security Bureau

''What answers? I don't ****ing know anything!'' Alexijk said, still looking where the voice came from.

''Don't lie to us, Alexijk!'' The voice said, and Alexijk felt a horrible pain everywhere, as a electrical shock was given to him by the droid.

''What do you know about Operation 89?'' The voice said. ''What happened there?''

Alexijk laughed. A short and maniacal laugh. He took a deep breath and made his broken lips wet with his tongue.

''We all got killed.''
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