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Alright I will be there, but I have a slight problem. A very good friend's wife is fighting cancer, I will be going to Houston (1 hour away) to see her Sunday. She will- have chemo treatment today, so Sunday is the earliest she will want visitors. The Ops starts at 5:00 pm my time, so I should be back in plenty of time, my plan is to be back at least a hour before the Ops starts. However, if something comes up...Mav or another officer can get stuff rolling. I will park both of my toons on the Fleet, so I will be quick once I get online.

Need to make sure both Milt and JasraLantill have the weekly and the speeder quest.

Nevermind - Went last night, so I am in town and ready. Plus it is raining here, so nothing I can do outside. Like mowing the grass.

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