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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
This... I approve of.

I haven't bought new musical gear in like... a lifetime.
Yeah, generally I try to have less stuff. I have a nice digital synth, a Yamaha S90es, but there's so much crap there that creating basic analog sounds is a pain, to the extent that it is even possible, and I really wanted to experiment with this. I could have done with a virtual analog, but there is something special about the Minimoog, be it the original Model D or the Voyager. And I figure it has a fair chance of appreciating in value at some point, so why not? I considered a Prophet 08 as well, especially since it's polyphonic, but I wanted it more for bass and lead sounds anyway, and I was afraid the more complicated controls of the Prophet might get in the way at first. I haven't received it yet, but it's on the way!

Congrats, Zarg!
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