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''Gear up. We're landing within a minute.''

I grabbed my E-11 rifle from the chair next to me and attached it to my armor. The heavier weapons were inside a package which stood in the middle of the Lambda shuttle.

''Sandstorm approaching from the northeast. Recommend you go straight towards the palace as soon as you land, over.'' The pilot said through the comm.

I was wearing heavier gear than usual. Additional protective layers were added and there were cooling units installed in my helmet and chest piece. The mission was a routine one. We were to be dropped off near the palace of Gorlug the Hutt, infiltrate it and kill Gorlug.

But everything went wrong from the start.

The sandstorm was approaching and there was no way the shuttle could get close to the palace. So we landed at Mos Eisley instead. There was no way we wouldn't get detected by Gorlug's men now. So we proceeded on foot to the palace.

''And what happened then?'' The voice asked.
''Look, just look inside the damn records. It's all there!'' Alexijk said.
''No it isn't! This isn't inside the records! That's why we are asking you! Continue!''

We were halfway throughout Mos Eisley spaceport when one of our squad got hit. We looked around for the shooter when suddenly thugs and mercenaries were all around us. The package was dropped off at the wrong location and those guys outnumbered us five to one. I called for the lambda shuttle to support us, otherwise more of the squad had got killed. But it blew our cover for sure.

''Your job was to deal with Gorlug. Your squad knew the risks.''
''You weren't there man. You *******s know nothing of how it is out there.''

Anyway, we got out of Mos Eisley, but two of our squad were dead. We swapped our weapons for the weapons of the mercenaries, which were surprisingly powerful.

The palace was very near now. We got to the gate, when several MG's appeared out of nowhere and they opened fire on us. We destroyed the MG's with one wounded and blew up the gate. From that moment on everything went smooth. We ultimately entered the throneroom and I got a clear shot at Gorlug. He used the Twi'lek slave girl as cover, but I fired a shot directly through his slimy hearth.

''What happened after that?'' The voice asked.
''If only I knew.''
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