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"Are you two aware of Varik leaving the ship? Because he just took off on a speeder bike."

Zarev looked up at Corsail sharply as he heard his voice. The full impact of what he said hit him a moment later.

"...You don't think that Tulak Hord managed to take control to him again do you?" he asked Per'dra quietly but not quietly enough as Vlalkor walked past.

"I don't think so." Vlalkor said as he walked into the room. "I heard he and that Light fellow talking. Apparently one of them picked up a distress call through the force. As far as I could tell, it sounds like someone is in trouble on tatooine so he and light went off to investigate."

Zarev shook his head. "Did Varik look like he did earlier when he was under Tulak Hord's control? Was he acting odd at all?"

Vlalkor shook his head. "No sir. As far as I could tell he seemed to be in control of himself."

Zarev looked over at Per'dra. "What do you think we should do?"

Dune sea

The sand was covering her body as she fought to stay alive despite the best efforts of the sand and the wind. She was very tired and the heat was sapping the little strength that she had left that was keeping her alive.

Her body was nearly totally covered in sand. Only her arms and head were uncovered by the sand and that was quickly changing. The assassin briefly opened her eyes as she heard the sound of speeder bikes approaching.

I really hope that that this isn't another sith lord looking for me...she thought.
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