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Dune sea


The assassin's eyes slowly opened as she felt herself being lifted off the ground and than winced as she was dropped.

"Not sith..." She muttered. "Not anymore...I showed weakness and as a result, I've been chased across the galaxy."

Her eyes widened for a moment as she felt her lightsaber being taken from her but sighed heavily. Were these two going to kill her? Had she survived so many attempts on her life and so many different hostile planets to be killed here? On Tatooine?

The assassin attempted to rise to her feet only to drop to her knees. She was too weak after her battle with a warrior and the sand filled winds of tatooine weren't helping either.

"My name is Avriela. And I am not sith!" She said as her voice regained some small measure of strength.


"So let us. The sooner we catch up, the sooner we can find out what they're up to, and if they're in danger!"

"Your right. But we're going to need a few speeders." Zarev said. "Vlalkor, I want you to stay on board and keep an eye on Kif. Let us know if his condition changes immediatly."

"yes sir."

Zarev headed towards the ramp and saw around four speeder bikes parked outside a cantina. "I recommend we borrow these for the time being. I'm sure they won't even be missed."

Zarev sat down on one of the speeders and activated it and reached out through the force and was able to quickly locate Varik's unique force signature.

"I've got a fix on Varik's location."
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