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Per'dra, on her speeder bike, spotted two figures in the receding distance. One of them was, of course, Varik, because she could trace his Force signature: conflicted yet determined to seek redemption (or retribution). The other was the assassin who had confronted them. Gunning the accelerator on her bike, she quickly closed the gap between herself and the two enough to hear what Varik was telling the human male:

"Who knows what atrocities you've done, the innocents you've slaughtered, and your adherence to that path. It is one thing to meet a Sith, so infatuated in his ways, and then to cut him down - still clinging to that belief. But to meet a Sith surrendering, after untold years of cruelty, to suddenly turn from that path that they clang to for years - begging for forgiveness when the odds turned against them, is even worse. You are a disgrace. I should give you 'mercy' by killing you right here and now. But I won't. I could send you to a POW camp, send you to the mercy of a patriotic Republic crowd of millions, or I could send you back to the Sith. I show no forgiveness to your kind."

"Are you sure Tulak Hord is gone, Varik?" Her voice was equal parts suspicion and disappointment. "If it is truly you speaking, I wonder how you call yourself a Jedi. We never execute our prisoners, no matter what their crimes, and we refrain from slaughtering unarmed opponents! Perhaps you can help us, assassin, and tell us what drove you to attack us on sight. For whom do you work? Are you associated in any way with the rogue Jedi Master Voleran? The more true answers that you give us, the more Varik won't want to kill you." Per'dra dismounted from her bike. "Also, the more I will believe you."

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