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((Avriela is not the one who confronted them earlier, while we were fighting the Twi'lek jedi-turned-assassin, Avriela was fighting a sith warrior deep in the dune sea who has been dispatched to kill her. Just thought I would let you know. ))

"Are you associated in any way with the rogue Jedi Master Voleran? The more true answers that you give us, the more Varik won't want to kill you."

Avriela shook her head in confusion. She was a bit wary of the group of people who had appeared but she didn't sense any killing intention from any of them. Well, she had sensed something close to it when the one known as Varik was talking to her but that was it.

"I don't know of a Jedi master named Voleran, come to think of it, I've only met a few jedi in my travels and most of them were not exactly willing to speak to me."

She narrowed her eyes as the full impact of what they had said hit her. A jedi master had gone rouge? That was interesting news.

"Also, the more I will believe you."

"I'm sorry I can't be of more help but I've been running from the sith for nearly a year now so forgive me but I've been out of contact with the majority of the galaxy for a long time."

She turned and looked towards the area that Varik had taken off towards, most likely it would lead back to some form of civillization. "Based on how many sith have come after me these past few weeks, I think they've been increasing their efforts to either capture or kill me. I think I'm going to need my lightsaber back."
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