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Ah ha! I managed to use my friend's computer for a couple hours to do some modding so I started to finally flesh out a few ideas I've had since mid-July. Hopefully more progress will be made, but it's a maybe or maybe not thing.

Here's a rough completion percentage on just the stuff I worked on tonight.

Writing: 25%

Scripting: 5%

Cutscene Stuff: 0%

Character Files: 0%

Testing: 0%

As you can tell a lot of the things are at 0%. Mainly because I don't have my copies of the game on hand so I can't install it, and the few scripts I was able to make were made using the skeletons of scripts I'd posted up here on the forums.

Anyway, that's the update for now. Sleepy time.

(Small note to the moderators. If I remember correctly you guys can view deleted posts, so the deleted post made by a different account than mine with the exact same message here was due to my friend having his LF account logged on and I forgot to log out when making this update. I realized my mistake as soon as I posted.)

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