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"My name is Avriela. And I am NOT Sith!"

Avirela's voice echoed in Varik's head.

I showed mercy and compassion to my enemies and that brought unwanted attention to myself. As a result, I am now considered a disease among Sith."

Maybe she was telling the truth, Varik thought to himself.

"I met Jedi like you, Jedi who wished me dead and Jedi who attacked me on sight. And every one of them still live."

No, he thought to himself as his speeder rushed across the dunes.

Sith always lie, always manipulate. Once she heads toward the ship, she will betray and kill us all.

He parked his speeder bike in the alley of one of the buildings, and then boarded the Satele.

He clutched at the double-bladed lightsaber in his grip. And I'll be damned if I allow that to happen.

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