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Too much to go into... Mostly it's my mom thinking the worst of my girlfriend right now. And my GF needing a place to stay for a few nights, and not understanding why my mom won't let her and the kids crash at the house. Ugly words were spoken. On both sides.

It's a mess. Basically, as it looks at the moment, I will have to keep them at least 5-miles apart until one of the 3 of us dies.

I'm not happy right now. This was building for a while... But I was hoping that this wasn't going to be the week it all blew up... Seeing as I'm working 50+ long, hard hours in 4 days.

But it was not to be...


I feel you pain. I graduated high school into a bleak recession... And spent most of the 5 years before I started college unemployed or working some of the crappiest jobs ever just to make it.

At the moment I'm not loving my job right now... But I'm damn glad to have it!

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