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thinking of showing up late at work today...why would i want to spend more than 5 hours at that place anyways. ugh. going to go get some breakfast and then go to work...not really keep track of the time. im going on military leave of absence in 3 weeks anyways, and next week i'm not working at all there (calling off the 1 day they got me scheduled lol)

getting my landlords to make me a lease for this place so i dont end up homeless like back in winter (my ex took all my basic training moneys and spent it on who the **** knows, leaving no money in my account though i begged her to leave some for at least 2 months of rent). speaking of my ex, she found some new sucker.

new person at work is a bitch, and funny to find out her brother used to be in my platoon, that is until he killed a baby and is now serving time in jail for it. small world.

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