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Vlalkor was just about to head to the medbay when he saw Varik board the ship. He quickly walked over and motioned to the holoterminal.

"While you were gone we recieved a transmission from Tython, it was Grand Master Satele Shan actually. It seems that the Jedi briefly managed to track Voleran. It seems that hes either heading to Nar Shaddaa or Balmorra. The Grand Master is going to contact us with future updates as they come."

"The bottom line is that Master Voleran is no longer on Tatooine. We need to get the others and try and find out if which planet he's heading to."

Dune Sea

Zarev was watching the assassin and Corsail with a careful eye. He didn't want anyone to start shooting and he didn't want the assassin to start using her force abilities.

He was about to speak to try and calm everyone down when he suddenly felt a sharp pain go through his mind as a voice screamed through his mind. The voice was devoid of emotion same as the last time he had heard it but it was very loud.


Zarev clutched his head as he dropped to his knees.

That's the same as before...but it's so much louder now! It hurts!
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