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The best video ever made about X-Wing Alliance

After 3 months of production, I complete the best video ever made about the game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. Is an extraordinary overview showing the greatest things about the game in several perspectives on a cinematographic style, as the Rebels complete their journey to defeat the Empire.

The video includes dogfights between fighters, battles with capital ships, transporting cargo, shooting with a turret gun, original music... finishing with the Battle of Endor were the Rebels destroy the 2nd Death Star.

I use only one upgrade model, the Super Star Destroyer v1.0, because the video is about the original game, not about the upgrade project. But I still include it to show that aspects of the game (upgraded models). And the SSD is so awesome in the upgraded version that with no doubt is the best of all models. Besides, I need some shots that would be impossible do in the original SSD of the game. The original model of SSD in the game really sucks too much. Is not even close to the right size.

HD 720p (converted to 1080p to preserve original quality on youtube)
High quality sound effects and music
30 FPS
23 minutes long, but worth every minute

Link for the video:

Here are some screenshots of the video so you know what I am talking about:


The video is focus on the gameplay action, not the Cutscenes of the game.

If you made or find a video similar to this about the game, place the link here.

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