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I'm with Lynk on the name thing. I can't say if it's for the same reason as Lynk, but for me, once I name a character it becomes their name. Changing it just really screws with me. It's almost like if someone suddenly told me my pet's name was something else... sort of. I guess.

I played Dungeons and Dragons Online for a while when it came out. I quit playing due to the forced grouping with actually finding a group being nearly impossible most of the time. Anyway, I gave the game another try after they had a server merge and all my characters had new names. Lots of people where unhappy about it, but for me anyway, I couldn't get past it and so I left pretty much right away.

It might be a small thing to some people, but to many of us, our character names are important.

I like the way Cryptic handles it, um... no pun intended. Basically, you get a "handle." Mail, IM, Chat, and whatnot all go through your handle. Aside from making it easy to find people (in my brief time playing TOR, I never found one of you), it also prevents name conflicts. I can have a character named "Steve@BobLion54" talking to "Steve@LynkFormer" for instance.

When DDO had their server merge, some people were requesting they change to a similar system, but it turns out it's one of those things that's extremely difficult to change after the fact. They can do it, but it would take more dev time than they would consider worth it, basically.

So unfortunately, if your name is changed or is going to be, there's very, very little chance of getting it back.

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