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It's funny that you start this thread right after Episode 4 is released, because I too feel that this is by far the strongest episode yet (and the others were already great), mainly because of the Peter Chan part. It's funny how I never knew how he looked, or never heard him talk about his work, even after spending so many years of my life surrounded by his artwork.

I've backed $100 to the Kickstarter, and by now I think that the documentary alone is totally worth that. Also they mentioned on the forum that they are estimating it taking up 3 Blu-rays, so it's really going to be massive! I've already suggested on the DF forums that they should take this to Sundance and other festivals, because I'm not sure if there's ever been a similar production, especially in the video game sector (correct be if I'm wrong).

Can't wait for an episode pestering Peter McConnell!

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