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Avriela eyes widened in shock as the Corsail fired his blaster at her and sighed heavily in relief as Light ignited his lightsaber and deflected the shots away from her.

"Thank you...I don't know why but I couldn't sense that attack coming, not that I would have been much good without my lightsaber."

"Talk to me, Zarev..."

Zarev muttered in pain as he attempted to block at least some of the effect of the voice from his mind.


"It...It's in my head..." He whispered. "I can hear him screaming in my head..."

Avriela couldn't help but overhear what he was whispering. She was using what little bit of her force strength to highten her senses just in case Corsail tried something again.

"Hold on...I swear this won't hurt at all." She said quietly as she moved past Corsail and placed her hands on his head. She turned to look at Per'dra and took a deep breath. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt him."

Avriela began to focus what little remained of her energy and used the force to reach out and see what was in Zarev's head.


The's causing you so much pain. Her voice echoed gently through his mind as she tried to focus what little remained of her power to build up a sort of mental wall between his mind and the voice.

Just a little bit more...she thought desperatly as she tried to finish the work only to find her strength failing her.

Her eyes were still closed and she didn't take her hands off of his head as she spoke quietly. "Jedi...I need help. I'm trying to build a mental wall between his mind and this voice. My strength is failing me and I don't think I'll be able to finish this on my own..."

"Help me. Help me save your friend."
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