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Originally Posted by barnstormer View Post
To clone2727
Ok that is understandable. the biggest problem is i use vb i know very little c++, so the links are more over my head then not , but i will try to implement the wave header finder into my program(im getting my hands on a copy of moonbace commander to see how to work it into my code(Reinventing the wheel i know but eh i need the experience) )
Edit : i have attempted and succeeded at utilizing the code you linked

To Everyone else:
I have created a extractor that should work with all h.e. games including moon base commander (if it doesn't work please pm me ill try to fix it)
All you do is point it to the he4 file and it will go through it extracting the wavs (Support is coming for mp3 export)

Download it here:
if you need info go to :
If you have problems let me know email is at my homepage

One year later, and I find this. Absolutely brilliant, thank you. Pajama Sam 1, 2, 3, Freddi Fish 2, 3, 4, Spy Fox 1, and Putt-Putt Moon and Saves the Zoo - all have music extracted.

I uploaded your program to Mediafire (, just in case for some reason something happens to the original links.

Only game I couldn't use it on was Pajama Sam's Lost & Found, as there didn't appear to be a .he4 file on the disk.
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