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Both Qui-Don and V'dori I've gotten to 50 - and still enjoy playing both.

But meet Ilson Jorn, nephew of Qui-Don, son of Q'el-Don Jorn, who was killed during the Sacking of Coruscant.
An apparent strong connection to the Force prompted Qui-Don to insist his nephew follow in the footsteps of his late father and go to Tython to train as a Jedi Guardian.
But only after an altercation with a young Sith Apprentice by the name of Zaelus Ku, did Ilson agree to hone his lightsaber techniques and train in the ways of the Force.

Ilson Jorn

Zaelus Ku

Thom'ell Muur
Zabrak Jedi Shadow Lvl 21
An old ally of Ilson Jorn's. Abrasive, arrogant and short tempered, traits that every Master knows may lead to a turn to the Dark Side. Thom'ell is quite reluctant to lend aid to Republic citizens, believing that his powers of the Force do not necessarily make him a servant to them.

Bai-Suul lvl 18
Rattataki Sith Assassin
Simply evil and twisted by the Dark Side of the Force.

Kinda fun making this stuff up in your head, aint it?

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