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Who are you, and why or what can't you stop?

Cant stop...the voice echoed back to Per'dra as it went down slightly in intensity. He...controls all...I can't stop him...Too.strong...Underestimated him...

Avriela reached through the force to try and find where the voice that was tormenting Zarev was coming from but couldn't locate it exactly. Instead she was sensing a location somwhere in space but she couldn't get an exact fix.

"Jedi...Whoever is doing this to him is not on this world. I can sense...something...but it is very far away. I can sense something else as well, whoever is doing this is strong with the force...very strong."

The voice was steadily losing strength as Avriela continued building a mental block between Zarev and the voice of the mysterious force user. "I can sense somethnig else in his mind..." She whispered to herself. "Affection...compassion and something else...I can't tell what though..." A brief mental image of Per'dra appeared in her mind and her eyes widened in surprise

Wow...she thought. Didn't see that one coming. Despite seeing what she had seen she continued working on the mental block. The voice was slowly losing it's strength as she continued until finally it was nothing more than a whisper.
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