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Originally Posted by GeneralPloKoon View Post
I've really been thinking about picking up this bundle, great value. I do have KOTOR I for the Original Xbox and in the Best of PC collection, but the KOTOR/EAW disc has a large scratch in it and the Xbox KOTOR I have hasn't been played since my previous Xbox died while running the game so I don't trust it hehe. I've never played KOTOR II though and have been wanting to for a long time, I couldn't find the Xbox version cheap hehe. But as of June I know have a gaming PC for the first time ever. And I'm hungry to delve into PC gaming!
I'd go for it! Kotor 1 (as you know) is amazing, K2 is just as good but in other aspects, definitely worth the bundle and 2nd/3rd copy of K1 for - plus these are in HD as I recall.
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