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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
because I'm not sure if there's ever been a similar production, especially in the video game sector (correct be if I'm wrong).
There is a recent documentary called Indie Game: The Movie. It had a small theater release and it was shown at Sundance (where I think it won something). It's a great documentary, very similar in style to the DFA one. This one is mostly about the finishing stages in development for Super Meat Boy and FEZ. Yet it's also a bit depressing, it makes you wish those guys had gone the Kickstarter way.

The guys at 2P have also been working on a Minecraft documentary, from before DFA. Yet what's truly wonderful about this one, is naturally the fact that we get to see a game from its inception.
I agree that it was wonderful to see Peter Chan, his part of the video was certainly the best. He is like a zen monk and a samurai at the same time. His studio is like a temple. These videos are definitely the biggest reward for being a backer. They should really edit all the material at the end, into a movie.

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