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Currently working on a robe replacement pack for the first kotor and possibly for TSL. What this robe pack will do is replace the original game robes and make them more interesting looking. Unfortunately bioware made lets face it. They gave us T-Shirts for jedi robes. They aren't horrible just not as interesting as they could have been. So with this robe pack, I am hoping bring something unique to the table. Or in the least something cooler looking than the in game robes.

The first robe I am working on is none other than the Qel Droma robes you get from the caves in korriban. One thing that bothered me about these robes is that there wasn't really anything special style wise. They look like the jedi robes you get when you pass your test on dantooine. So I am creating 2 variations of this robe. One is heavily based on how he was portrayed in "Tales of the Jedi" comics. The other will be based on how he looked before he was killed in the shyrackk caves. Here is my finished progress on the comic one.

Show spoiler

Next I will work on the second variation. It will be a pick and choose kind of thing and both should work in game with out cheats.

Now I am looking for beta testers so I will leave 4-5 spots open to those who wish to give input(and you will be credited)


The idea is just to change the style/textures. No stat changes will be made.
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