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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I respectfully disagree.
Originally Posted by GeneralPloKoon View Post
As a massive Superhero and comic book fan. Its really difficult to choose between many of these. X2 and Spider-Man 2 has always been some of my favorites due to Spidey being my favorite superhero and X-Men being my favorite superhero team. I always love Burton's Batman, especially Batman Returns. Christopher Nolan is overrated, he did a good job but I definitely prefer the style of Marvel films. I really enjoyed The Avengers and think Thor is pretty underrated. DC does best in the animation department.

I'm surprised there is no Hellboy or Hellboy II! Those are some of the best IMO.
Nolan's films are alright. The problem (imho) therein with them is that he placed too much importance on realism, thus omitting certain characters from his particular Batman lineup (e.g. Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Man Bat, etc) having only 'realistic' villains/characters means that IF you're going to use someone or something out of the ordinary like for example an ice-powered man, you're going to have to explain it to the audience in a way that it convinces them that it fits within the realm of this 'realistic' world without breaking the aforementioned template (a scientist inventing a freeze ray still sounds way too science fiction/out of the ordinary for a Nolan Batman film).

And I agree about Hell Boy, there should have been an "Other" option if not for Hellboy II.
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