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Most of the time when it says "bound to event", clicking "apply" won't have any bad affects, atleast not for me. Just like the "wearable hood" mod, or a few blaster mods.

Only when I click on an item that either conflicted with the line or game files, which then leads to the item no longer appearing on your KSE inventory as (e.g)"lghtsbr01 - USM Kavarsaber" but instead appears as "BadStrRef [0424010]" (do not save when this happens!).
That example normally stops the item showing in my in-game inventory or simply messes my save up. >.<
Never-the-less, the item can still be spawned in-game by using the "~" and entering the "giveitem" code. Although, it normally doesn't work like it should. (E.g)I had a few different armor mods and wanted to try them all, but it said BadStrReff when I added one or two of them threw the KSE.
I tried using the give item code instead, and when I got them, they either made the game crash or appeared to look like the robes/armor from another mod (which was not how they were meant to look). This is due to file conflicting or 2DA Confliction.

Other things I noticed. When importing my KSE from my laptop to my pc, I tried getting the KSE to apply these changes that I made on the save file, but when I played the game, nothing got changed. I then downloaded KSE again, to which I then discovered I had to change the KSE's configuration to "run as administrator" and to run on the same windows compatability setting as what my Kotor was running on.

Another problem I had where I had a KSE in both my Kotor 1 and kotor 2 overide folders.
I could use KSE fine with Kotor 2, but with Kotor 1, the KSE never displayed any save games from K1. I then discovered I had placed a copy of the original KSE in my kotor 1 override folder, but the the original KSE was in my "downloads" folder(this KSE worked when I attempted to edit k1 with it).

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