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Ossus: The Shadows Threat

Ossus is a new planet for KOTOR 2 that adds an new story arc. It acts as expansion to the ending of K2 as well as a set up for KOTOR 3: The Shadows Wrath.

Ossus takes place right after the battle for Telos and before the the final fight at Malachor. When the PC lands in a ruined city only to be attacked by mysterious warriors.

I would like to consider Ossus the actual beginning of the end of KOTOR 2. Right before traveling here, the Ravager was either destroyed or crashed into Telos and destroyed the Citadel. Whichever one of these happened will effect events that take place on Ossus. Also, up to four of your party members may be absent when you are on this planet and some of the remaining ones might die on Ossus. Several things could happen that change the events of the game.

The way I have designed it, five aspects will determine the end of KOTOR 2.
  • Revan's fate.
  • Whether you completed the HK-factory mission.
  • Whether you let the Ravager crash into Telos, of your destroyed it.
  • The final decision you make on Ossus.
  • Whether you destroy Malachor in the end of not.

As of right now I have six endings planed out. Without getting into spoilers they are structured like this.
  • 2 Best Endings(Light and Dark)
  • 3 Average endings(Light, Dark, Alternate)
  • 1 Bad Ending

So thatís all for K2SE. As for K3...I'm still working on the story. I need a new non-jedi, alien party member. If anyone can give me ideas feel free to post.

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