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Downloaded content

So I had no plans to play this game. My wife got it for me for $15 and I figured I better at least try it out. I am having a hard time putting it down at the moment.

I am a smuggler (Gorvaick) lvl 20 (Gunslinger) on Taris atm. I have noticed a bunch of people riding around on vehicles that aren't speeder bikes and I was wondering if these were the S.T.A.P.s from the digital downloaded content. It is only $4.99. If it is these would it be worth it to get it so I don't have to run thru everything until I can save up enough for speeder lessons when I reach that level?

Also unfortunately I am not on the Harbinger server but the Jedi Covenant one (PVE). I didn't think about coming here first to see where everyone was before I chose a server.

This is my first MMO and I must say its not the horror story I thought it would be so far.

Anyways thanks in advance.


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