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Hey all, getting back into the modding stuff now that summer is coming to an end. Had something banging around in my head so I decided to tackle it before restarting my story mods.

It was inspired by the return of Canderis to our modding community. ( I knew he would be back ). He was looking for area mods to do and I suggested Mos Eisley for K2. Well, not really sure where he and SS are going with their, ahem, project.....I decided to do it myself.

So, here are some ruff pics. REALLY ruff. Buildings have not been textured yet. Just doing the layout.

I plan to release this as a MODDING RESOURCE for other modders to use, hopefully. It will just be the area itself. It will be up to others to fill it with all the goodies.

Here are some pics

Once this is done, I will return to The Trials of DArth Herrco, then hopefully ONderon Expansion,.

Y'all come back now, y'hear....................

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