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Originally Posted by TWINKEYRUNAWAY View Post
Not bad man, didn't even realize it was a tattoinne re skin till I saw the last pick.
Originally Posted by TWINKEYRUNAWAY View Post
Ah well what can I say, the atmosphere got me. I think I am disappointed in myself for not realizing it, though LDR should take this as a compliment. He did such a good job restructuring the textures, it made me think it was something completely new.
You are far too kind, but thank you. It makes my ego glow happily.

Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
If I might add a suggestion, including a reskin of the skybox would fit nicely I think.

The skybox looks very low resolution compared to what you did with the module.
Well, it is the same Korriban skybox used in the vanilla modules. I already got a man working on the skybox as we speak.

Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
I feel a sudden nostalgia for BOS after seeing those screenies. >.< Nice job.
Originally Posted by bendarby24 View Post
^same thoughts
Originally Posted by Kyr'am Galaar View Post
It was the only module that would really worked in the mod, I swear.

Originally Posted by Kyr'am Galaar View Post
Clearly you have not played KotOR anywhere near the amount of times most of us have. For example, I've played it so many times I've just about memorized the dialogue!

TWINKEYRUNAWAY, I am disappoint.
Give the guy a break, will ya? I need all of this Godly Worship! Stop jinxing me!

Anyways, rest assured I'm going to be working very hard on my mods before school starts. I just got back from Vegas yesterday, and I still need to catch my breath.

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