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"And by 'we', I mean 'you'. I can't fly.",

"Agreed. Once we arrive I'll let them know that the Grand Master called." Vlalkor said as he sat down in the pilot's chair and powered the ship up. Almost immediatly the ship's communication systems picked up a message coming in.

"Attention Shan, you have not filed a departure plan with Tatooine spaceport. Please power down and prepare for inspection and file your departure plan."

Vlalkor looked over at Varik and rolled his eyes. He thought that Tatooine was the one planet where this kind of thing could never happen. After all, Tatooine was widely known as a lawless planet."

"Tatooine spaceport control, this is Vlalkor of Havoc Squad. We are on an urgent mission authorized by the republic. We're heading out to pick up the rest of our crew who are in the dune sea."

There was a pause on the other end for a moment. "Shan, you are permitted to leave."

Vlalkor grinned and the ship slowly rose into the air and slowly turned and headed for the dune sea. After flying towards the last known location of the group for a few minutes, he saw a small group of people along with a few speeder bikes. He squinted and saw that they were the people he was looking for.

He quickly set his comnlink to the group's frequency and began speaking. "Attention everyone, this is Vlalkor aboard the Shan. We've recieved a message from Grand Master Satele Shan. It looks like we're going to be heading to Balmorra."

Vlalkor gently set the ship down and opened the ramp so that everyone could get aboard. "I think we should also bring the speeder bikes." He said into the comnlink.

Zarev looked up at the ship and grinned. This would save them a long trip to Anchorhead. He looked over at Avriela and motioned forward. "Don't worry, you won't be harmed. If you wish, we can give you a ride to anchorhead and let you off there...or if the crew allows it, perhaps you could come with us."

Avriela smiled. "Honestly, I think I would like to come along with you, I'm tired of being on my own and I'm tired of being hunted by the sith. If your crew allows it...I wouldn't mind traveling with you."

Zarev and Avriela both turned and headed up the ramp. Zarev turned towards the others and motioned for them to get onboard. "If everyone is ready...than it's off to Bamorra!"

Unknown location

"My lord, the group is on the move. If they leave Tatooine within the hour they should arrive on Bamorra within two days. Your agent in the tatooine spaceport has placed the tracker aboard the ship."

"Excellent. Prepare our agent on Balmorra. I want to make sure that these insects do not interfere with our plan."

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