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Battlefront II Joystick Mapping Probs.

Hi. Im relatively new to the threads, and i mostly hang out around the kotor section of the forums. I recently started playing SW BF II and i decided to use my ps3 sixaxis controller to play on it. The controller works fine on the game, but i have problems mapping. For example, when i am mapping, i want to map the "move forward/backward" and the "look left/right/up/down" axes in my controller settings. I was able to map everything else such as primary fire, relaod, crouch, etc., but i have no idea how to map those to options using the analogue sticks on my ps3 controller. I realize that this is a somewhat dead section of the forums, but i would appreciate it if someone helped me out regarding using my controller's analogue sticks to map the "move/forward/backward/left/right" and the "look up/down/left/right" options on the controls. Thanks in advance.


(i am trying to map the analogue stick functions and I cant map the analogue sticks in case you had no clue what I just said.)

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