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Originally Posted by jeffcorn View Post
Joy 2 Key is a program that will make it possible for you to map keyboard and mouse functions to any controller.
@jeffcorn thanks for replying. I'll play around with my motioninjoy (the program I am using to let my ps3 controller work)

And it's not that the controller doesn't work I just can't map the analog sticks? Can you tell me how to map the analog sticks for SW BF II?


Well, now in my mind, im an idiot. I am finally able to map the analog sticks. Thus I can play SW BF II again.

In my MotioninJoy menu, I had the option set to PS2 controller instead of PS3. *slaps forehead* So I changed it to PS3 and I'm able to map the analog sticks.

Thanks for all your help.

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