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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
Yeah I know... I just think It's a stupid system
I like this system because I can keep the look I want and just switch out the mods, enhancements and armoring.

The bad thing to me is once you hit 50 after the daily mods they go more to the gear drops because of set bonuses until you get to campaign gear. So my smuggler is in full BH now, but still looks like every other 50 smuggler that doesn't have campaign gear.

Everyone just has different taste. I can tell you right now my Knight and Agent will keep this look until they get to after 50 gear and even then unlike my smuggler and shadow I will keep this gear until when and if I get campaign gear and then I will move mods to it and get back my pre-50 look.

Only thing I still have on my smuggler and shadow is their MH weapons with Rakata/BH mods in them.

I went about 2 months now with my shadow looking like a 3 grade teacher from 1950's America. Finally got something the BH top so she doesn't look like a Nun with shoulder pads.

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