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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Yeah that is one thing that annoys me about getting comms, and leveling gear in general. I picked Synthweaving since looks are important to me and I thought I would be able to make a bunch of cool armors while leveling, and they almost all look terrible. I think some classes have it better than others.
Agreed. My main has armormech, which I hoped would yield me at least one great armor set, but they all look decent at best. And frankly, I thought crafters would have a lot more templates to build armor sets from. And yes, it seems some classes have better armor than others.

By the way, Phoenix, perhaps one of the flashpoints might get you a good-looking armor piece. My bounty hunter ran around with the Mercenary chestpiece from the Foundry for a long time until I got him the Black Hole chestpiece.

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