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I have a few questions maybe you guys can answer.

First I am a smuggler gunslinger level 31. When does my Legacy kick in?

2. Can I make another toon without my first being on legacy and add the second toon to my legacy after my first toon gets it.

3. When people are asking for help (ie. lfg or lfp for such and such heroic), how do they get it show as a heroic quest when they are asking? Every time I do and type it in it looks normal while theirs is in orange and says Heroic+4 and name of mission.

Other than that and some I probably can't think of, I am really enjoying this game. I have heard others say they were dissappointed in it but I think since I didn't want to play it originally because it was an MMO that I am enjoying it more than them.

I still wish I had known everyone was on the Harbinger at the time but I have made some new friends on the Jedi Covenant and I think that is also what makes it fun for me is meeting other fans.

Edit: I remember one. Every time I go to the GTN (Galactic Trade Network) I can't find anything. I mean literally anything. Nothing for me or my companions. I fear I don't know how to use it correctly. Everytime I put in the search parameters nothing shows up. Even if I just say all nothing shows up. Yet I see tons of people using this thing. How does it work?

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