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Can you get counseling and treatment for being a moron?

Seriously, if she were an alcoholic, this would be understandable. Not excusable, of course, but at least it would make some kind of sense. But this is not that. This is her and her lifelong predilection for being unwilling to think more than three seconds into the future and connect some very simple dots.

It's why she nearly didn't graduate high school, despite being more than capable of doing well. It's why she has failed at every job she has ever had. It's why she has dated a string of losers. It's why she is a single mother. It's why she accidentally bought a car once. It's why at nearly 30 years old she is still not supporting herself.

And it's why, despite being shaken up by the consequences she will have to face because of this, in no time she will have completely forgotten this lesson and be back to her old self.
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