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I like military transport aviation, i just like it! Associated flight on Russian MTA IL-76 for free, to fly from Yekaterinburg to Bryansk... but with "special adventure" that's never can seen in civilian air companies. Everything was as same as 12 years ago when i had my conscription service finished... some traditions in Russian MTA never changes. When everybody are on board, plane's commander must definitely go through fuselage breathing on people with fume (fake actually, but you never can be sure) and greet passengers with words like "Hi, mortals! It will be f****n nice loop!". It's always funny to see civilian noobs starts silent panic.

Keyan Farlander, didn't you thought it's exactly because of meds and other "mind-changing" chemistry? I heard in the United States every doctor always hurry to "catch" you on antidepressants and other s**t that will actually make you weak minded hysteric, but never make better... But, oh, how can i know...

In a trillion years,
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