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my last ex was on lithium...i tried it for kicks one day, all it did was make me completely useless. she weened herself off of all the meds she was on, lost like 30 pounds (and she looked pretty hot before that) from 140 to like 113 within a year. she acted pretty insane when she went off of them for a few weeks but then it just became routine...everything is supposed to be about her, for her, she's a prophet of God, all this other bull****. glad and sad that it's over. just wish i could get a girl that isn't ****ing insane. no psych majors, no divorcees, and no prescription medication required!!! but i think that is quite impossible to find, i just can't seem to find any attractive single girls that share my interests and sense of humor, and i will not settle for less than attractive.

Battle is a pure form of expression. It is heart and discipline, reduced to movement and motion. In battle, the words are swept away, giving way to actions-- mercy, sacrifice, anger, fear. These are pure moments of expression.
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