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edlib, well, looks like from my side it was just typical Russian way of thinking. Russians will never believe an antidepressant can be more effective than psychological training (no, not that stupid class lessons) and normal way of life. Russians just laughs on commercials where pills for weight loss being advertised. You know, people here treat such of chemistry like a way to cheat them, like alcohol or drugs, common Russian will never believe in "eat a pill and life would get better". Russian way of thinking is "you get nothing without hard work, pain and suffer". Feel yourself down, nervous, in apathy, on edge of tantrum? Nice, go run 3-4 kilometers, go swim in pool, go to gym. And even more... try to analyze your situation and understand what exactly makes you uncomfortable. Same thing is about of loosing weight - you can never loose it just eating pills. If depression of excess of weight caused by chemical imbalance, then Russians believe those specifics of chemical imbalance caused by wrong way of life, wrong food, and hard efforts and work on your own can change it. Starting of eating pills without VERY serious reason mean show everyone you are weak... and stupid. Russians always being hardly shocked when see how many antidepressants and other such of meds being bought in the USA. Actually some of Russians even thinks it is some kind of conspiracy, aimed on genocide of Americans, lol.

Your own physical and mental efforts is primary. Efforts of specialist that guides your own efforts (often just kicking you to don't let you stop running) is secondary. And only then, maybe, pills and other ways of external stabilization... but look for any way and use any chance to avoid using of them. Something like that... you maybe won't agree with it.

Rogue15, what is lithium? Looks like you does not mean just chemical element...

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