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Originally Posted by darth-ackbar View Post
I'd go to Onderon, it doesn't have the same threat of death that Korriban and Nar Shaddaa have, and it's not somewhere everyone would expect you to go, like Dantooine.

I have to agree though, those jedi chose really stupid places to hide. Personally, I'd go somewhere like Tatooine or maybe even Taris if it's anything like what it was in TOR.

Keeping in mind that Taris would definitely still be in bad shape still, its not very long since it was bombed. Also While Tatooine sounds like a good idea you would have to find somewhere to go. It says in most books that anchorhead was abandoned about the time the exile was out looking.

I think that the exile would probably head to onderon as well though, nothing had been happening there so it would seem like a safe first choice.

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