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Originally Posted by Disturbed205 View Post
Sounds like a bad case of entitlement, honestly. You're not being asked to be invested in anything. I believe the point of Holowan Labs is for people to show and receive feedback on what they ARE working, not for people to tell what they SHOULD work on.

This is something for private messages. A modders WIP thread should not be swarmed by 5-6 older members of the community as soon as it's made with pretty much "don't bother".

By making a public spectacle of their ideas, their mods, and the people themselves, it drives people away. WIP threads are for constructive feedback, the "you're not good enough" comments should be done through backchannels. I've honestly never seen such an unwelcoming modding community, usually people rush to help newbies, because new modders ='s new content for everyone.
I honestly haven't seen any comments that down right said "You're not good enough.", whether it said that plainly or alluded to it, and I've read a lot of threads in Holowan. Now I do agree that we as a community should try to be more welcoming to the new modders, and help them out more, but I fail to see how telling someone they should wait and get more experience before starting a TC or an SC is making a public spectacle of their ideas. If anything it is providing feedback.

But again, I can see how that "You should get more experience" line can be taken as, or can actually be meant to be, hostile/shooting down people's work.

So maybe if someone's already mentioned the idea of getting more experience no one does so again in the thread? If the modder decides to continue with whatever they're doing and someone's already told them that they should probably get more experience, then from then on only feedback about the mod's work should be given.

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