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Originally Posted by madgirl7734 View Post
On the other hand, she was about 10 or 20 years older than him and i kind of find that disturbing.
She was only 5 years older than Anakin.

Anyway, I think Padme being in the originals would have ruined it so much that they would no longer be good movies.
The reason why the OT is so good is because they establish a plot, they have a guy who is just an everyday man who at first lives a normal life but gets dragged in to these circumstances, eventually Darth Vader becomes a villain who has an actual reason to be a antagonist (blew up Alderaan, tries to blow up Yavin, killed Obi-Wan) and we get the events of the galaxy explained to us through Luke because he's also new to all of this stuff, so we relate to why Luke needs to kill him, because even though he's scared he has no other choice.
The shock that Vader is Luke's father is suprising because we portray Vader as the villain and we're not sympathetic towards him, but with Padme still alive, Vader would have no reason to stay on the Dark side, Luke wouldn't be the average joe, Han would probably never be included and the tension would be gone from all of the movies.
How Vader was redeemed is much more entertaining and important than how he became Vader, because we've been with Luke through the whole journey and we want him to succeed and we want him to defeat the sith.

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