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The LucasForums collection: Nods to star wars in various media

Ok. Star Wars IMO is really such a widespread thing now, that we see references to it all the time both explicitly, and implicitly. Cameos and main themes.

I guess in an attempt at livening up this forum once again I shall ask of my fellow forumites: What 'nods' to star wars have you seen in various other media?

For example other games (can even be flash games), and they can be either direct or indirect, multiple or singular. Can be original videos though I would caution against just any YT video. It has to be significant and/or in a style that reaches out to multiple people to give the same or similar impressions.

It's okay, you needn't remember it all at once!

I'll start.

The cartoon show Rocko's Modern Life had an episode of a garden head boss who acted more like a military commander and had an outfit with a respirator (w/ iron lung in place of a cape) goggles and helmet and vaguely resembled Vader. He also had a unique weapon at his disposal: cannons that launched pianos (hence my cracks about launching pianos).

On Ray William Johnson's YT channel (I know, *not* everyone's favorite guy, amirite?), one of his episodes awhile back had a female fan (with cleavage) wearing a vader mask called "Darth Bunny" or something asked the "question of the day".

Also Chad Vader on YouTube has had a very amusing show of his own.

There are tons more I could come up with but I figure I won't hog the action and TL;DR you.

So, what nods to SW have *YOU* come across?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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