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okay some noob questions from me.

1. PVP in the Republic Fleet. What is it? There is a terminal where I can do PVP missions and apparently to get some really equipment you need warzone commendations and such and I figure you have to get them in this PVP mission thing. Plus what lvl is good for starting in PVP?

2. As asked way earlier in this thread by Lynk, has there been anymore comp customizations and if so where can I find them?

Plus, I just discovered last night that all this time I thought I was on the Jedi Covenant server and I realized I am on the Shadowlands server.
(just throwing that in there)

3. If you are part of a guild but want to leave the guild how do you do it?
I helped out a guy awhile back and he asked me to join Maximus. I accepted but most of them are already lvl 50 and just doing OPs or World Boss missions and I never seem to see them except the occosional runin on the fleet where they have no idea who I am and just ignore me . Not that I have tried to talk to them or anything.
So if you wanted to leave a guild and look for another one can you?

But I ran into someone today who said they saw I was part of a guild and what I thought of it. I said I really don't know because I haven't interacted with them. I asked him/her if she wanted to join and he/she said he/she would think about it but wanted to look around more.

Thats all I can think of for now.

Edit: I learned /clubdance from a group in a flashpoint. Was a really funny moment where I said I can't dance and the Twilek stopped dancing and turned and faced me and said you can't dance?

Well they taught me to dance.

What are some others? Like someone saluted me and I didn't know how to salute back and things like that.

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