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Rogue15, thank you. You know, i'm surprised... after i read your post about lithium, i asked my friend who is medic about it. My friend said he knows about such of drug, but he was amazed to know anyone can use it in the USA without being placed under constant control of medics. He said "it's not more than perverted way of slow suicide to use it uncontrollably".

edlib, yes, i agree. As i understand, the most difficult in practice of psychologists and psychiatrist is to feel those spirit border when psychological disorder stops to be just disorder and became pathology, disease of mind. I suspect there is no of ideal way to diagnose it and more, there is no of ideal way to cure it. Of cause, many of diseases can't be cured without meds or even more... well... straight methods, especially such of diseases like cancer. But, anyway, in Russia here most of psychotic meds like antidepressants, potent sedatives and relaxing drugs are restricted to be sale without permission order of specialists. I don't know is it good or bad (damn weaklings cure their weak spots with vodka and became alcoholics), but most of Russians anyway ensured there's no need to abuse with chems right because of unpredictable side effects that always shows themselves in different forms. And, of cause, Russian philosophy, especially Russian Cosmism, the center-point philosophy of Russian Civilization has some of similarities with American Puritanism (especially in questions of consumption, while point of view on role of life in the Universe and role of God in life of people are absolutely different), so it also causes negative attitude to any drugs that changes mind.

Keyan Farlander, lol. Щheяe is youя Aмeяicaи base of иucleaя roкetz? Дon't pяeteиd to be clever, shoш it by your fiиgeя!

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